Dental Bridges and Dentures

Missing teeth can certainly be an inconvenience when it comes to chewing and speaking properly, but there are also repercussions to oral health when missing teeth are left untreated. Teeth can shift toward the gaps left in the smile and lead to malocclusion (poor bite) and even expose sensitive roots as teeth tip and tilt.

Fixed Dental Bridges in Midtown Manhattan

A dental bridge replaces one or more teeth and acts as a space holder to keep remaining natural teeth in place. In our Midtown NYC dental office, Dr. Helma Philips uses high-quality, tooth-colored porcelain designed to complement your smile’s natural appearance.

Dental bridges rely on two healthy adjacent teeth as anchors. By placing dental crowns on two natural teeth, they “bridge the gap” by suspending an artificial tooth in place.

Unlike dental implants, bridges do not help retain bone, but they restore the chewing surface and appearance of teeth. They provide a time-tested alternative to dental implants for patients who prefer to have a non-surgical solution for tooth replacement.

Dentures and Partial Dentures in Midtown NYC

For multiple missing teeth, partial dentures and full dentures offer a solution that can restore your full smile.

Partial dentures – For patients who still have remaining teeth, partial dentures replace only the missing teeth, using small clasps to secure to the natural teeth.

Full dentures – For edentulous patients, full dentures restore the complete upper arch, lower arch, or both.

Implant dentures – Many patients have difficulty with dentures moving or shifting while they eat or speak. Dental implant-retained dentures rely on 4-6 dental implants per arch to lock-in the artificial teeth.

Immediate dentures – If you are facing full-mouth extractions, but do not wish to go without your teeth while we have our local lab create them, we can plan for immediate dentures following your extractions, so you leave with them on the same day.

Will My Dentures Look Natural?

For active New Yorkers, having dentures that give you confidence is essential. If you are imaging your parents’ or grandparents’ dentures from decades ago, you might have a negative idea about what to expect. As with all aspects of dentistry, dentures have advanced in both their function and appearance. Dr. Helma Philips will design your prosthetic teeth with your facial structure and appearance in mind. Natural shape and shading ensure that you look your best whether you are laughing, eating, or meeting with colleagues.

Locally Made Dentures You Can Trust

Dr. Philips uses a local NYC lab for her restorations and dentures and ensures that you receive the finest materials that last.

Caring for Your Dentistry

Your Midtown dentist, Dr. Philips, will discuss the best way to care for your bridge and dentures on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Dental bridge – Keeping the gums and adjacent teeth surrounding the bridge is essential to avoid decay and gum disease. Special small brushes can make it simple to keep your bridge clean.

Partial dentures – Partial dentures are removable and should be cleaned with a denture cleaner using a non-abrasive brush to avoid scratching or damaging them.

Full dentures – When not in use, full dentures should be kept moist. Denture cleanser and a soft denture brush will keep away bacteria and odors that can give you bad breath.

Please bring dentures to your dental appointments in Midtown, NYC, so that Dr. Philips can check them for damage, cracks, or make adjustments. We will also clean them for you, so you leave with a fresh-feeling smile.

Would You Like to Learn More about Bridges and Dentures?

If you have missing teeth and live or work in Midtown, contact Advent Dental to book an appointment with Dr. Helma Philips, your experienced Midtown, NYC dentist.