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Welcome to Helma Philips, DDS

Welcome to Midtown Manhattan’s most trusted and sought after boutique dental practice! We warmly welcome you. Dr. Helma Philips provides outstanding dentistry using the highest standards, most modern materials, and up-to-date technology combined with personalized dental care.

Dr. Philips is passionate about dental health and has extensive training in cosmetic, implant, and restorative dentistry to bring the brightest and most beautiful smiles to New York residents. 

She is a pioneer in metal-free dentistry and has used metal-free materials for the last 15 years. With over 20 years in dentistry, patients trust and rely on her desire for perfection, her expertise, and her advice when it comes to their smiles.
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About Our Team

Each member of the dental team at our Midtown Manhattan dental practice was hand-selected by Dr. Philips because they excel in the clinical demands of dentistry, but also because of their compassion and kindness when it comes to working with patients.

We look forward to helping you feel right at home for every procedure and are here to make sure that your comfort and wellbeing are as high of a priority as your smile.

  • “Dr. Helma is terrific. Her office is impeccable, and her staff are friendly and professional. As the other reviewer notes, her technical skills are second to none. Going to the dentist is no longer an unpleasant experience.”

  • "The BEST dentist in Midtown, and might I say, all of Manhattan. Dr. Philips is extremely professional and nice, uses new technology, is gentle on the teeth, encourages good dental practices (I need to floss more) and has extremely nice receptionists and dental assistants. Highly recommended!"

  • "I am so glad to have found Dr. Helma Philips. She and all those I have met in her practice are extremely professional, skilled, and friendly."

  • "Dr. Helma Phillips is true professional, very knowledgable and extremely gentle, which is important to me as I have sensitive gums. She and her hygienist are fantastic, the office is gorgeous and I've never had to wait too long. Such a relief to have finally found a dentist I am comfortable with."

Welcome to Our Midtown Manhattan Dental Practice

Welcome to the general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry practice of Dr. Helma Philips, DDS. Whether you’re a long-time patient or searching for a new "dentist near me" in Manhattan, NY, we would be delighted to see you and can schedule a dental appointment for you in the upcoming weeks. 

We warmly welcome new patients near Midtown and the surrounding areas for your general and cosmetic dentistry needs. 

Midtown Manhattan’s Boutique Dental Practice

Finding personalized health and dental care today can be a real challenge. 

Dr. Helma Philips, DDS is dedicated to maintaining a truly individualized experience for her patients in an age of corporate health. When Dr. Philips is your dentist, you will see her regularly, and you can count on consistency, respect, and the highest level of care in our modern dental setting.

Dr. Philips challenges herself regularly with advanced training and continuing education to ensure you receive the finest dentistry available. Our dental office also specializes in metal-free dentistry and will always provide you with clean, safe, and state-of-the-art dental care.

A Dentist and Team Who Respect Your Time

We respect the schedules of busy New Yorkers and pride ourselves on staying on time throughout the day. Whether you are the first patient in the morning or you’re scheduled mid-afternoon, we understand that fitting your dentistry into your professional and social commitments is essential.

We don’t believe in asking our patients to spend extra time in the waiting room, and when it’s time for your dental visit, we promise to be ready and waiting. We want each time you visit our upscale dental boutique to be a pleasant, professional experience and for you to leave on time so you can get back to your busy lifestyle. This way, we can make accessing the dental services necessary to maintain exceptional oral health hassle-free and convenient.

Customized Comprehensive Dentistry

No two smiles are alike, and that is how we approach patient care. 

Not only do dental needs vary from one person to the next, but your needs also change with your health. Aging, pregnancy, illness, and stress can all impact your teeth and gums. 

Dr. Philips will always recommend the most effective ways to keep yourself and your smile healthy, both today and as your needs change. When you visit us, we will provide a treatment plan both to remedy your current dental needs as assessed by Dr. Phillips and to address your long-term dental care.

Our comprehensive dental services include:

We’re also here to treat your dental emergencies, whether you’ve experienced tooth trauma, a tooth infection, or lost a filling. We provide prompt and gentle emergency care for all Manhattan patients' emergency dental needs so that they can maintain the appearance and health of their smiles. 

We will never recommend a dental treatment you don’t need or encourage dental services that could harm your oral health. We are here for you and the rest of our patients, and we put your oral health at the very top of our priorities. If you’re ever unsure about treatment or want to postpone an elective procedure, we will be sure to address your concerns before proceeding.

With that in mind, if you have any questions about the services we provide or the manner in which we provide dental care, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss treatment options and the specifics of your dental needs with you. We want to feel entirely secure and confident in the dental care you’ll be receiving before embarking on any treatment plan.

Your Midtown, NYC Cosmetic Dentist

Many patients come to us wanting to improve the appearance of their smiles for improved self-esteem and a competitive edge. Let’s face it; your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so making a positive first impression in a competitive city like Manhattan is crucial.

Dr. Philips has a reputation for designing natural-looking dentistry made from durable materials to give you a gorgeous smile that lasts. She offers everything from teeth whitening to full smile makeovers right here in our Midtown NYC dental office. 

If you’re searching for an upgrade for your smile that will help you skyrocket professionally and socially, we can provide that confidence boost!

Advanced cosmetic dental procedures we perform include:

To ensure the highest quality, we use a local boutique dental laboratory known for producing incredible results, crafting restorations that mimic exactly the look and feel of your natural teeth. 

Dr. Philips has the eye of a true artist and extensive experience with developing new, celebrity-caliber smiles, and she would love to help you create the smile of your dreams.

Technology with a Personal Touch

Modern technology makes the dentistry we provide more accurate, efficient, and successful, but it will never replace the one-on-one consultation between you and Dr. Philips. While laser teeth whitening, rotary endodontics and laser dentistry all make your treatment easier; it is the relationship you and Dr. Philips develop that will help you achieve your lifelong goals for your oral health and smile.

By keeping our dental practice exclusive and personal, we can cater to the patients who appreciate this level of service, going above and beyond to meet all their needs in a friendly, efficient, and professional environment. 

Before, during, and after your treatments in our Manhattan dental practice, we will work closely with you to make sure we achieve your individual goals for the appearance of your smile while maintaining your oral health and the function of your teeth.

Our knowledgeable staff are easily accessible and always eager to answer questions. We consider your dental care a team effort, and we want to work with you toward shared goals. With your cooperation and input, we can attain all your smile goals together, providing you with the most exceptional services possible.

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Whether you are new to the Midtown area or you’re searching for a new dentist, we welcome you to contact us at (212) 644-0004 to arrange your next dental exam and cleaning.

Dr. Philips and the rest of our skilled dental team look forward to meeting you to provide exceptional dental care.

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