Laser Teeth Whitening

Having an attractive and sparkling white smile can inspire you to smile frequently and with confidence. Your smile is part of the very first impression you make when you meet a new friend or colleague.

Whiter teeth look youthful and healthy! Everyone’s teeth darken with age and stain from food and drinks. Whether you have an active social life, or you are a busy professional who wants results fast, our in-office Zoom! Laser whitening will give you exceptional results in a single visit.

Teeth Whitening in Midtown

Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist, Dr. Helma Philips, can brighten your teeth several shades using the Philips Zoom! laser whitening system in just one visit. 

Philips Zoom! whitening is an in-office treatment that uses a laser to activate a specially formulated gel. The gum tissue is protected with a liquid dam (barrier) to ensure that the gel only touches the surface of your teeth. The gel will be reapplied 2-3 times every 15 minutes to deliver professional, clinically proven results.

What about Over-the-Counter Teeth Bleaching Kits?

Many over-the-counter products are inefficient and not potent enough to achieve brilliant results. The only reliable and lasting way to whiten your teeth is a professional whitening treatment. Only your dentist can recommend the professional-strength whitening solution that will work best for you.

Many over-the-counter teeth bleaching products contain abrasives that actually damage enamel. The results are often disappointing and unpredictable.

How Can I Keep My Teeth White?

After your in-office whitening treatment, Dr. Philips will give you custom-made trays fabricated from impressions of your teeth for in-home maintenance over the first week, repeated every six months, preferably after routine teeth cleaning. 

The trays would perfectly seal your teeth and keep saliva from diluting the whitening gel used at home. The home application is very important to stabilize the results from the office laser whitening. What some patients don’t appreciate is that without the custom trays, optimum results can fade within a month. 

Patients will use the custom trays one hour a day for a week after the office procedure and then again, every six months to maintain a beautiful and healthy color.

What If My Teeth Are Sensitive?

If you have sensitive teeth or gum recession that makes teeth whitening painful, Dr. Philips can still help you achieve a white smile safely and with minimal discomfort. Additional treatments, such as fluoride or desensitizers, can make teeth bleaching without the discomfort possible. Our Midtown NYC cosmetic dentist, Dr. Helma Philips, will be happy to discuss your options for a brighter smile with you.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Midtown Manhattan 

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