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What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

May 20, 2022
Posted By: Helma Philips, DDS Team
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Dental bridges in New York, NY, close the gap in your smile with a fixed prosthetic.

Dr. Helma Philips offers quality dental bridges customized to fit your smile.

Dental Bridge Benefits

A Stable Solution

When your dentist attaches a prosthetic, like a dental bridge, you don’t have to worry about rocking or moving when you chew or speak. You can move through your day with confidence and enjoy meals without worry.

Guards Against Tooth Migration

An attached prosthetic guards against shifting or migrating teeth—teeth slipping out of place and moving toward welcoming smile gaps. When teeth migrate, you’re left with bite misalignment. Eventually, this shifting leads to tooth wear and puts specific teeth at risk for fractures or decay.

Closes Smile Gaps

With a full smile, you’ll feel confident and able to face the world without feeling self-conscious. Our dental bridges are natural-looking, and no one will guess that you’ve had prosthetic work done at the dentist.

Easy Maintenance

We recommend a floss threader and a special cleaning brush to clear debris from the gumline and prosthetic to care for your dental bridge. Keeping your bridge clean contributes to its longevity and function.

How a Dental Bridge in Midtown Works

A dental bridge comprises a prosthetic tooth or teeth between dental crowns. The crowns cap the tooth on both sides of the smile gap, and the prosthetic tooth or teeth fill out the space.

Your dentist or a team member will show you how to clean your bridge and keep it viable.

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Restoring your smile after tooth loss is crucial to your well-being and ongoing oral health—a complete smile is a healthier smile. To learn more about our tooth replacement options or arrange a consultation with the dentist, call us today. We are happy to get you started toward full smile restoration!

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