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Is teeth whitening safe?

Everyone wants a whiter, brighter smile, but our busy schedules may make it a challenge. Many people turn to over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, but these often result in tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and splotchy smiles. 

The best way to ensure your teeth are safely and thoroughly whitened is to visit your Midtown, NY dentist. Midtown Manhattan cosmetic dentist Dr. Helma Philips can lighten your teeth by several shades using the Philips Zoom! laser whitening system. With this effective whitening system, you will see results in just one visit. 

What to Expect from Philips Zoom! Whitening

First, your dentist reviews your oral health, discusses your aesthetic goals, and develops a treatment plan to meet those goals. 

Philips Zoom! whitening is an in-office treatment Dr. Philips uses to quickly and accurately remove dental stains and discoloration. Before beginning the treatment, she protects your gum tissues using a non-intrusive liquid barrier. 

After carefully applying the formulated whitening gel, she uses a special laser to activate it. The whitening gel seeps through the enamel and dentin layers, dissolving stain-causing molecules.

She reapplies the gel two or three times in 15-minute intervals to deliver professional and clinically proven results. Teeth whitening at our Midtown, NY dental office usually only takes an hour. 

Remove Stains and Attain True Pearly Whites 

If you are tired of having yellow, dull, or discolored teeth, please contact our dental office today to schedule your teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Philips. 

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