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What to Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

May 23, 2022
Posted By: Helma Philips, DDS Team
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If you have a dental emergency in Midtown, NY, we want to hear from you. With timely intervention, we can often save and reset a knocked-out tooth. It’s also important to relieve your pain and restore your oral health as soon as possible.

Let’s explore what to do while waiting for your emergency dental visit in New York, NY.

#1 Toothaches and Swelling

If you have a toothache and swelling, you may have an oral infection, typically a root canal infection. The root canal runs through the center of your tooth, housing the nerves and pulp. When the infection reaches this location, the pain can be terrible. If you’re medically able, take Ibuprofen and use an icepack periodically.

#2 Knocked-Out Tooth

In this case, collect the tooth and place it in a cup of water until your emergency dental visit. Keeping the tooth moist helps with viability for possible resetting into the jaw.

#3 Broken Tooth or Restoration

If you have a broken tooth or restoration, we suggest keeping the area clean and not chewing on that side until you’ve seen the dentist. Some restorations, like dental crowns, can be reset or repaired in our dental office.

#4 Oral Trauma

Call our office right away if trauma is isolated to the tooth or gum—stray ball or elbow to the cheek. However, if you’ve been in an auto accident or similar, it’s crucial to visit the ER first. You can phone or dental office once you’ve been declared safe.

Your Dental Emergency in Midtown, NY

During this visit, we work fast to stabilize your emergency, relieve pain and restore your oral health. You can count on our compassionate team to see you through your emergency, answering any questions you might have and reassuring you throughout treatment.

If you have a dental emergency or suspect you might, contact our emergency dentist in New York, NY, as soon as possible.

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