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What Are the Best Ways to Alleviate Pain from TMJ Disorder?

December 24, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Helma Philips

There are several ways to alleviate TMJ pain, including specific exercises recommended by your doctor or Midtown, NY dentist. You might also consider corrective therapy, like a dental splint, to rest your TMJ joints and restore proper function.

We provide TMJ diagnosis and therapy in our New York dental office.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is an often-painful condition that means the joint connecting your lower jaw is not working correctly. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, but it is also used to describe conditions associated with the joint.

When your TMJ does not function as it should, you may notice some or all of the following symptoms:

Clicking or popping sound in the joint

  • Locking or stiff jaw joint
  • Pain in the jaw, neck, face, or shoulders
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Painful chewing or yawning

Sometimes TMJ results from untreated bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding). Your Midtown, NY dentist may be able to treat both through a single therapy.

If you have bruxism, you may notice pain similar to TMJ but with the added symptoms of bulk or increased musculature around the lower face in front of the ears and dental issues like cavities or fractures.

TMJ and bruxism symptoms can worsen over time.

Pain Relief and TMJ Treatment in New York, NY

Your dentist evaluates you for TMJ if you have symptoms or the disorder is picked up during your checkup/x-rays. If you have TMJ, your dentist will discuss treatment, including appliance or splint therapy.

Appliance therapy provides rest for your TMJs and helps reposition the joints. In the meantime, you can try Ibuprofen if medically able. Ice packs are another short-term treatment that might bring relief.

Looking for TMJ Treatment Near Me?

To learn more about TMJ and bruxism therapy in Midtown, NY, or to arrange a consultation with the dentist, give us a call today. And always reach out if you have questions for our team.

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