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COVID-19 Safety Information

Safety has always been a top priority in our office but now we are doing even more by using the latest research and technology to enhance safety for you, us, our families, and loved ones.

We follow safety control recommendations by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and stay current on new rulings or guidance that can come daily. 


Diagram of air purifier at dentist office in Midtown NYC

  • To purify all air in the office, we installed the new Reme Halo equipment in our central air conditioning ducts to treat every cubic inch of air in our space and all surfaces, eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, and pollutants. Independent University studies show 4-log reduction (99.99%) of virus/ bacteria. This system is used in hospitals treating infectious diseases and in the military. We also upgraded to the highest level MERV filter in our A/C ducts. 


  • The UVAIRx equipment in the waiting room is NASA-developed technology that employs enhanced Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO); it covers 3,000 square feet (our office is a third of that) and 30,000 Cubic feet and leaves no crevices untreated.


  • In every room, we have a floor air purifier with HEPA filter and UV light to enhance the quality of the air.


  • We use the CAS-100 equipment, an exceptional chair-side Aérosole suction to eliminate the aerosols and particles that supplements the already powerful chair-side suctions we have always used.


  • You know from past visits that you rarely saw more than one patient in our waiting room and rarely had to wait to be seated in the dental chair. Now we allow even more time between patients.


  • All providers and staff who come to our office are tested for Covid-19 symptoms, including a temperature check before they enter the office and wear masks and PPE.


  • The front desk area has special plastic guards to limit physical contact between patients and administrative staff.


  • Our equipment and furniture are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with medical-grade, non-toxic cleaning solutions after each patient's visit and we thoroughly disinfect all touch areas.



  • We email a questionnaire to each patient before the appointment, check the temperature before the patient enters the office, and ask the patient to sign the questionnaire.


  • Our staff asks each patient to use the hand sanitizer at the entrance and to keep their mask on except when it needs to be temporarily removed for dental work. We encourage frequent use of hand sanitizers throughout the office.  


  • To learn more about any of the above equipment, visit our technology page


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